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Shively Labs® Filter Selected for HD Radio™ Demonstration in France

Bridgton, Maine, USA

Shively Labs announces that its Model 2914 filter was selected as part of the TowerCast HD Radio™ demonstration project in Paris, France.

TowerCast, France’s first privately held tower company, teamed with parent company NRJ Group and SIRTI to begin broadcasting HD Radio™ on a test license granted for 88.2 MHz. NRJ Group owns a television station and four major radio networks in France. SIRTI is a broadcast syndicate representing 123 independent local and regional broadcasting operators.

Shively Labs provided its Model 2914-4 four cavity low power bandpass filter as part of the equipment package for the demonstration system. The filter is tuned to suppress out-of-band emissions that may cause interference to broadcast signals on neighboring frequencies. According to Bob Surette, Shively Labs’ Director of Sales Engineering, “The broadcast transmission environment is complex and experience has shown that for some installations it may be desirable to suppress sideband emissions even below the IBOC mask. The Model 2914 was developed to accomplish this in an economical package designed to fit into very crowded transmitter facilities.” The Model 2914 filter series was recently awarded a “Cool Stuff” Award by Radio World at NAB2006.

The Paris installation makes TowerCast the first group in Europe to broadcast HD Radio™ live, 24 hours a day. HD Radio™ technology is already in use throughout the United States and the appeal to European broadcasters is the same as it is to their North American counterparts – to be able to move into digital broadcasting without having to give up their analog signals.

“Shively has been a longtime supporter of HD Radio™ rollout in the U.S. We are encouraged to see its support extend to the TowerCast evaluations in France,” said Scott Stull, iBiquity’s Vice President, Broadcast Business Development. “iBiquity Digital deeply appreciates all of the help that Shively and other manufacturing partners are providing in response to the escalating interest in HD Radio™ technology from broadcasters in Europe and all parts of the world.”

Shively Labs is an employee-owned manufacturer of FM broadcast antennas, filters, and related transmission equipment located in Bridgton, Maine. Shively Labs has been actively researching and designing products for the HD Radio™ market since 1991.

HD Radio™ is a trademark of iBiquity Digital Corporation. Radio World is a publication of IMAS Publishing. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Since 1963, Shively Labs has been supplying FM broadcast antennas, filters, combiners, and related equipment to worldwide markets. Shively Labs is a leading innovator and supplier to the new HD Digital Radio™ market. Shively Labs is a division of Howell Laboratories, Inc. a Bridgton, ME company celebrating its tenth year of Employee Ownership.

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