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About Shively Labs®

Ed Shively

Shively Labs has been designing and manufacturing professional broadcast antennas for over 40 years, for installations across the globe. Edward Shively, a radio electronic pioneer, was instrumental in the development of FM and TV antennas and combiners for RCA. In 1957, he left RCA for Dielectric Communications, where he served as head of its research and development team. In 1963, Shively founded Shively Labs, where he developed and patented several new innovations in the broadcast field. In 1980, Shively sold his business to Howell Laboratories, where he remained as a consultant until his retirement eight years later.

Today, Shively Labs is a leading manufacturer in the broadcast antenna industry, supplying products to over 100 countries. Shively’s products include multi and single-frequency sidemount and panel FM broadcast antennas with fullwave or special spacing and single and multi-channel antennas. In addition, Shively manufactures FM translators, branched and balanced multistation combiners, patch panels, filters, transmission line, coaxial components, directional couplers, and related RF equipment.

4 Times Square
(photo by John Lyons)

Shively Labs’s reputation for quality is enhanced by our experience with extreme weather at locations such as Mount Washington, New Hampshire. On the summit of Mount Washington, the site of the world’s highest-ever recorded wind velocity, Shively antennas have been operating in sustained winds in excess of 200 miles per hour and rime ice as thick as five feet since 1969.

In the continuing tradition of Ed Shively’s research and development, Shively Labs has anticipated the advent of digital radio by developing its IBOC filter-injector, which is certified to be compatible with iBiquity's technology. Another area of expertise is pattern work. For over 30 years, Shively has done more formal directional pattern studies and reports as required by the United States Federal Communications Commission than all other manufacturers. The same design features enable Shively to offer predictable patterns and coverage for all its customers. Shively has never had a pattern rejected by any regulatory agency, anywhere in the world.

Mt. Washington, NH

Shively shares its management and production staff with its parent, Howell Laboratories, Inc., an employee-owned company. In addition, Shively has an experienced sales, engineering and technician staff devoted exclusively to its broadcast products. Shively and Howell occupy a modern 35,000 square foot building which contains office, laboratory and production space. There are exterior antenna test ranges on its eight acre property. Communications, engineering, drafting, testing and production control are fully computerized.

Both Howell and Shively are experienced in large multi-year contracts and projects. Howell is the principal supplier of waveguide air drying equipment for the U.S. Navy in support of the Aegis and other radar systems. Its equipment is aboard all the U.S. Navy’s surface combatants as well as those of several foreign navies. The company was a prime contractor for several of the U.S. Navy’s NAVSPASUR antenna sites; one of these included an antenna array over two miles long. Shively Labs has supplied many complex multi-channel FM broadcast systems, particularly in the United States, although there are such Shively systems in Korea and Thailand. Among these are an eleven station system in Miami, Florida, a ten station system at the John Hancock Center in Chicago, Illinois, a seven station system in Seattle, Washington, and a twelve station system for the Condé Nast Building at 4 Times Square in New York City.

Shively Labs is a member of many organizations promoting the development of RF technology, including:

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