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2712 Bandpass Filter


Small footprint, up tp 15kW with blowers

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IEEE Broadcast Symposium October 10-12 in Arlington, VA
Wisconsin Broadcasters Clinic October 10-12 in Madison WI
ABA Convention November 9-10 in Anchorage, AK

Typical Elevation Patterns for Shively Model 6812B FM Antenna

These patterns are based on 98.1 MHz, no beam tilt, no null fill. Contact factory for your customized elevation pattern.

Circularly-polarized, full-wave-spaced

Single bay 2-Bay 3-Bay 4-Bay
5-Bay 6-Bay 7-Bay 8-Bay


2-Bay 3-Bay 4-Bay 5-Bay

Special Angle/Elliptical Polarization: Contact factory for elevation patterns

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