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Sample Azimuth Patterns for Shively Model 6814 FM Antenna

All patterns were set up using exact customer detailed tower specifications, including tower's face size and bracing. All coaxes, conduit, and other items, such as ladder and other antennas, in the aperture of antenna were modeled in. The tower was then oriented to the actual leg azimuths. Changing the tower details will change the pattern. A different frequency will also have an effect on the pattern. The terrain in the area of the tower can also greatly affect the coverage. If you have any questions, please contact Shively Sales Department.
Each pattern has two pages (pattern details & tabulation).
Mounts are separated into three categories: Standard mount is 17.5 inches from tower; standard SM mount is 12.75 inches from tower; standard XL mount is 22.375 inches from tower. All other mounts are CUSTOM mounts.
The above mounts will be used on all leg mounts, pickup 2-leg mounts & face mounts.
Some antenna bays may be rotated in the mount up to 30 degrees.
Frequencies are in three categories: LOW (88.1 to 94.5 MHz); MID (94.7 to 101.3 MHz); and HIGH (101.5 to 107.9 MHz)



Mounted on 10-inch pole Mounted on pole off 1-meter square tower Mounted on 60-inch pole
Face mount on 1.2-meter tower Face mount on 24-inch tower Face mount on 36-inch tower
Leg mount on 17-inch tower Leg mount on 60-inch tower Leg mount on 640-mm tower
Leg mount on 144-inch tower Leg mount on 36-inch tower Leg mount on 42-inch tower
Leg mount on 48-inch tower Leg mount on 36-inch tower Leg mount on 42-inch tower
Special mount on 84-inch tower

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