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We'll see you:
... at the NAB Radio Show
September 21 - 23 in Nashville!
Product News

We'll be showing our newest antennas:

Model 6822
Model 6020 LT
Model 6812C

... and our new 12-inch, 10 kW filter,
Model 2712-3A!

Also, check out our new
[award-winning; see below]
Versa2une field-tunable FM antenna!

... and our new Model 6025 log periodic antenna!

4/11/13 at NAB:
New Cool Stuff Award for our
Versa2une field-tunable FM antenna!

SBA logo

Shively Labs is Maine's Small [Business] 2012 Exporter of the Year!
More information ...

Our parent company, Howell Labs, was just named SBA's 2013 Region I Subcontractor!
More information ...

Shively Labs has won a techINK 2010 Innovation Award for our Graphical Power Meter system!
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Our Model 6020 antenna brings home the Radio World Coolstuff Award!

new"Shively trials new extended FM antenna in Brazil"

new"Shively’s new high power broadband on the air in South Dakota"

Paul Wescott obituary:"A damn good sense of direction, and a steady hand on the wheel, for over 30 years"

New technical bulletin: "Tips and Tricks to Make 222-G Work for You"

November-December 2011 Radio Guide article: "A Really Xtreme Build"

September-October 2011 Radio Guide article: "Shively Labs - Where FM Antennas Are Not Just a Sideline"

May-June 2008 Radio Guide article:
"Shively Labs Meets the Very Windy Mountain"

September 2007
Radio Guide articles:
"Shively Labs: Antennas That Work!" [279 kB]

"Shively 6014 Dual Hybrid Antenna Solves a Dilemma" [232 kB]

Archived articles

Azimuth Patterns for Shively FM Antennas
Off-the-Shelf Patterns

These off-the-shelf patterns are to be set up per pattern description.
  1. Horizontal parasitic lengths and positions will be determined by the frequency.
  2. All antenna distances from structure will be determined as follows:
    • Poles: to be determined by diameter of pole (antennas with radomes may require a pole minimum of 4-inch diameter).
    • Towers: recorded in (distance from tower) in remarks under pattern.
    • Rotation: Leg mounted antennas may be rotated up to 30° clockwise and 30° counterclockwise on leg.
    • Any changes from distance to tower, rotation, or pattern will require pattern work. Please contact Shively Sales Department with any questions.

Antenna Model


6815-DA-001 Mounted on 3-to-8-inch pole 6815-DA-002 Leg or face-mount on 18-inch tower
6815-DA-003 Face mount on 36-inch tower 6815-DA-004 Leg mount on 36-inch tower
6815-DA-005 Leg or face-mount on 24-inch tower

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