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AFCEE Annual meeting, June 22-24 in NY City (Dale Ladner)
GABCON Georgia Association of Broadcasters, August 3-5 in Jekyll Island, GA (Dale Ladner)
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Tennessee Association of Broadcasters, August 15-16 in Murfreesboro, TN (Dale Ladner)
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AMITRA Congreso Internacional de Radiodifusion, August 24-27 in Acapulco, Mexico (Dale Ladner and Sean Edwards)

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Shively Labs is Maine's Small [Business] 2012 Exporter of the Year!
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Our parent company, Howell Labs, was just named SBA's 2013 Region I Subcontractor!
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Our Model 6020 antenna brings home the Radio World Coolstuff Award!

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Handy Calculators for RF Engineers

Calculators are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
These materials are for your on-line use. Please note that some are copyrighted. Contact Shively for copying and distribution information.
IBOC Injection Analysis
For high-level (non-coherent) and mid-level (coherent) IBOC injection.
  • The calculator for high-level (non-coherent) IBOC injection is used to analyze the combining of a single digital transmitter and a single analog transmitter for broadcast over a common antenna. By adjusting the “Analog Output” (amount of analog power being sent up the transmission line) and “Coupler” values, it is possible to get a complete overview of the entire power budget of the transmission system (with the exception of line losses). This makes it possible to determine the most cost effective coupling solution.
  • The calculator of mid-level (coherent) IBOC injection is used to analyze the combining of an existing analog transmitter and a new, combined analog/digital transmitter for broadcast over a common antenna. “Total Analog Output” is the total analog power of the combined transmitters that is being sent up the transmission line.

Dissipated Power and Heat Generated in a Filter
If you know your transmitter power and your insertion loss in dB ...

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