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2712 Bandpass Filter


Small footprint, up tp 15kW with blowers

Catch us at:
IEEE Broadcast Symposium October 10-12 in Arlington, VA
Wisconsin Broadcasters Clinic October 10-12 in Madison WI
ABA Convention November 9-10 in Anchorage, AK

Bob Surette

Our Own RF Ambassador

NOTE: These materials are for your on-line use. Please note that some are copyrighted. Contact Shively for copying and distribution information.

"Spectral Regrowth"
First presented at AFCCE in March 2006
(PowerPoint, 17.3 MB)
"To 10dB or Not to 10dB"
First presented at Madison in October 2008
(PowerPoint, 6.6 MB)
"Antennas 101"
First presented in South Carolina in October 2008
(PowerPoint, 11.3 MB)

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